Gachachu 2 APK

  • Gachachu 2 APK Gachachu 2 APK Gachachu 2 APK Gachachu 2 APK
◆ What kind of game?
The second game to observe a gakutaru.
I am addicted to the puzzle RPG this time.

The puzzle The man who started RPG
The feeling that the man putting in heavy money is

You can also enjoy it as an ordinary gacha app.

◆ I want this kind of person to play
· People who did not care about puzzle RPG
· People who are addicted to puzzle RPG
· People who have been addicted to puzzle RPG
· Puzzles People who have a friend who is addicted to RPG
Each can enjoy different ways.

◆ Reproduce the familiar system
· Apology Stone
· Day Dungeon
· The Ultimate Evolution *
In the Game Comp Evolution and Expression

◆ Get in Comp ... Cute Reward Character
Collecting all the characters
Goddess of water · Evolution system of Siren
Foam princess · Siren can be obtained!

◆ The application was introduced !!
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