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◆ 80% of the new cafe collapses within 5 years?
"Dreams want to be independent at a cafe!"
Apart from daily cumbersome jobs and relationships
But ... Actually the cafe management is extremely harsh! !

Such a shop management backside became a game!
| A famous cafe which is fashionable also runs grimily?
You can experience secret of the dream cafe management!
New sense cafe management game!

◆ Learn from mistake! Let's grow with life experiences !!
Closing with a little mistake !!
Let's use "life experience P" got there then !!
| | Develop a new recipe !!
Develop a new recipe !!
Increase sales with recipe recipes!

◆ Great opportunity for sales upsuper !!
Store management is gamble!
If the customer succeeds it will be a Fever!

◆ Let's enjoy with the customer's illustration !!
Customers who come to a stylish cafe
What kind of people are you? Let's peek in !!

◆ Let's move to the cafe fierce battlefield !! | | Go to the next town as savings increase !!
Get on to the cafe battlefield
such as Koenji and Kichijoji !!

◆ Points of debt cafe strategy │ ① ① Develop recipe and make customer price Let's raise !!
② Let's call customers with sales up !!
③ Guest bid bonus to move to a fierce battlefield !!

◆ Introduced !!

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