Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK

  • Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK Mustangs Hippocampus Muslims APK
Peace and mercy of God be upon hello your Muslim brother, my sister Muslim in the application: the fort hippocampus every Muslim with God's help and grace will never lose sight of Allah
Now Now, after much effort and Ojrna and your reward on God give you the application of the "fortified fort every Muslim" new, MA ro.Ah through which Stqdon wonderful Ooukah of faith ... by showing dhikr and supplications on the screen while browsing the phone, and characteristically without the need to enter the program
Perfume & moisturize your tongue remembrance of Allah and Daum on Azkar even if you're in conversations with friends and loved ones!
Application fortified fort every Muslim: Musicians has been programmed to function intelligently as you browse the phone ... never to lose sight of the remembrance of Allah and from prayer, prayer times, do not ignore as well as about the Koran and recite the Koran and the Hadith and CDA gauged only Hedit prophetic correct hadith weak .. .

Help us to deploy the application fortified fort every Muslim: up to 100 million Muslims around the world and reward and Ojrna on God
Cross-post a link to the application Allosedka in Watts in August and Twitter and Facebook .. fiber and to make all Android devices around the world ring remembrance of Allah

Characteristics and Features

* Control the pace of on-screen appearance of dhikr
* Several sections of Remembrance: Morning, evening Remembrance, Remembrance sleep, Remembrance mosque, Remembrance waking up, praise, forgiveness, electronic rosary, prayers Islamic sayings and others ..
- Statistics instantaneous numbers Alastgfarat and praises on the screen.
* NEW !: Now you can add your prayers Khask to appear on the screen while browsing the phone

** Waited more updates and surprises in the coming period, God willing,

alhissn alhassin li kol mosslim / Islamic iphone app will show you Athkar (automatically) on your device screen while using other applications - on top of other software
There is several types of Adhkar: such as Morning and Nighttime, Well-known islamic prayers, and many more!
* You can control the frequency of Azkar showing.
*! NEW * You can add your own Zikr!

Helps us reach our goal: reaching 90 million muslim user's!
Simply by spreading the iphone app hyperlink to your friends on Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, viber and other places
Why do not we make all of our android phones repeat and possess athkar's worldwide