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Foreign literature - the best audio books for free. 5000 audiobooks are available immediately. In this appendix contains a huge collection of audio books and radio plays by foreign and domestic authors of all possible genres: science fiction and thrillers, mystery and adventure, detective stories and timeless classics. Audio and a magnificent collection of fairy tales collected by us also for children and there are lots of interesting books on self-development and self-improvement, the materials for the study of foreign languages ​​and business literature. - All books at once With a subscription is not necessary to buy a book for one - you have access to all the library immediately. Spend your leisure time with pleasure - listen to any number of books at the same time. In 5000 the library gramophone audio books in Russian, English and other languages. "Shantaram", "How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere", "Master and Margarita", "Until I met you", "Atlas Shrugged", "After you," "The English vocabulary at least", "Azazel "," The Old Man and the sea "," I want to say beautiful! "," Shadow mountain "," Eugene Onegin "," Stiv Dzhobs "," English in 12 days "," Love lives for three years "," All the Kremlin's Men " "Faina Ranevskaya. Anecdote from his personal life, "" Yes, pray, love "," Psychology in 30 seconds "," idiot "," Woe from Wit "," Hero of Our Time "," History of Russia "," Faust "," Explorer " "Hamlet," "The Battle of locks," "Lolita," "Dead souls", "charter", the Koran, the Bible, "The Government Inspector", "The Little Prince", "The Catcher in the rye", "12 chairs", "History of Russia from Rurik to Putin "- and this is just the beginning of an infinite list. - New releases, bestsellers, business The Newest, popular and useful books appear every day in the library. Russian and world classics, curriculum, science fiction, detective stories, novels, short stories, fantasy, poetry, fanfiction. In our extensive library presented by Gregory Roberts, Larry King, Mikhail Bulgakov, Dzhodzho Moyes, Ayn Rand, Boris Akunin, Ernest Hemingway, Natalia Rom, Alexander Pushkin, Sergei Ivanov, Frederic Beigbeder, Michael Zygar, Faina Ranevskaya, Elizabeth Gilbert, Christian Jarrett, Dzheyms Harkin, John Mitchinson, Dzhon Lloyd, Emily Bronte, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Octave Mirbeau, William Atkinson, M. Frimshteyn, A. Gorbachev, Bernard Werber, Erich Mariya Remark, Dzheyn Ostin, Leo Tolstoy, Stiven Kovi, Lyuis Kerroll, Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov, Pamela Drukerman, Roop Hg Collie, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Sergei Dovlatov, Harper Lee, Anton Chekhov, Andrey Sitnikov, Alexandr Kuprin Viktor Tornbol Russell Re Manning, Vladimir Torin, Lena Lenina, Sergei Zaitsev, Tatiana Ustinova, Korney Chukovsky, Valentin Pikul, Nikolay Nosov, Vitaly Pichugin, VC, Victor Pelevin, Dmitry Bykov, Dina Rubina, Shakespeare, Strugatsky, Ray Bradbury, Gogol, Oleg Roy, Aleksandra Marinina, Andrew Belyanin Alexei Pekhov, Den Braun - and many others. The most popular books and the long-awaited news audio you can listen for free! You can watch movies online, and you can listen to stories about Fandorin offline. - A handy audio player Our player always remembers the place where you interrupted listening to an audiobook, and next time you will be able to easily continue from the point where the reader stopped. It is also possible to make bookmarks or leave a note in an audio book that you liked. Free music and books for children at night, and audio fairy funny stories - an invitation to my world of fairy tales and adventure. Best eBook for android - This audiobook. All our books, you can listen online, or you can download them to be available for listening without internet. Listen to your favorite audio books while in route taxi, subway, at work, doing household chores or relaxing! It is better to listen to an audiobook, you download music from contact! Lermontov's verses - it's better than librusec and flibusta! Read ears - it's great! Games for two, Ingres berds tanks online Guess the melody, billiards - all of this you will replace Nabokov's stories and books Pelevin and fanfics. This radio in the world of books, your navigator in the world of books and the bookstore.