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Martin Hendericks was born in 1964 in Chicago (USA) from Dutch parents. In 1970 they returned to the Netherlands, where Martin grew up in Utrecht and Nieuwegein. In 1985 he moved to Vianen. In his spare time he walks with his three dogs, writes and photographs.

Because he was touched by the process of dying of a number of friends, in the 1990s he became a volunteer at Terminale Thuiszorg in Nieuwegein.

After the death of his mother in 2000, he experienced that a good farewell benefited the grieving process, with a crucial task for the funeral director. Not always a different face, but one person who will assist you for a few days.

Work experience
As a funeral parlor he has been able to practice all aspects of this beautiful profession from 2004 onwards. From the moment of the report, the care of the deceased, drawing up the funeral card, arranging and managing the funeral, speaking during the funeral to a follow-up interview.

Award young company
In December 2013 wins he is the award for best young company in the Vijfheerenlanden region. The jury of the event called Martin Hendericks enthusiastic, engaging, committed and accessible. The way he runs his funeral company is seen as taboo breaking and the jury praised his new ideas.