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*** largest encyclopedia of expression Koran includes fifteen volumes in thirty expressing the Koran with him .. and some exchange of rhetoric *** *** A copy of the application Alandroed expression of the Holy Quran for iPhone and iPad. Application first place winner in the 2012 Mobily Award for best design for applications *** book of fifteen volumes, comprising thirty-part number of parts of the Koran, the owner paid for the publication and then died after an hour! Perhaps this was the Emirate to accept his work, said that Sheikh seeded Mahmoud net Homsi generator died in 1985, author of the book: The table in the expression of the Koran and cashed and his have we reported from his scientific work to put it in this application, after the efforts in similar business this effort is interested Baltjavid and others, and we have seen us add expression and exchange with him and some of the rhetoric, Mahzben reward from God, not money or reputation. Has been shared with some of our scientists it Vokaroh, and if there was a proposal to enrich this work please send it to our email [email? Protected] / * * / (# () #) version of iPhone and iPad are also available through this link Http:// ******** said about the program ******** --- site and application dimensions --- if you want to elaborate the verses of Allah and depth in the field of rhetoric, grammar and expression, we recommend you to download this application which saves you a lot of time and effort where contains information you need huge volumes to contain Nheikk about the speed of the search for information all this in the application of a distinctive interface and great features. --- --- Application basket express the Koran helps us to understand the Koran and the most appropriate image as well as the development of grammatical skills in Arabic language which is the authentic language of the Koran, as the application on the sections to express verses and show images contain where the rhetorical language to see miracles in the Holy Quran and the rhetoric of large, in addition to the drainage and morphological rules in those verses.