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The Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment was launched in 2010 by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) with the aim to bring about a qualitative shift in the eServices in the Sultanate and honouring government projects achievement in the provision of their eServices. Since then, the Award has progressed in different aspects including assessment, evaluation mechanisms and Award categories.

The Award aspires to bring about a qualitative transformation in public-service delivery by honouring technology projects that have resulted in exceptional achievement of impact and innovations in harnessing information technology for electronic services. It invites entities to bolster the national information society by nurturing an interactive, proactive and reactive e-community in support of e.oman vision and strengthen ICT utilisation for higher Economic, Social and Cultural progress.

Award Objectives:
• Encourage local organisations to hasten in enhancing its performance and to facilitate the services by utilising digital technology.
• Motivate local organisations to implement the new digital projects and continued development of its electronic services.
• Improve the quality of local services and simplify its procedures to a level of quality and efficiency so as to ensure greater confidence and public contribution.
• Acknowledge and reward excellence and innovation in the field of offering
• Promote and activate the country's policy to move to an economy based on information technology to achieve both economic and social benefits for the Omani community under the policy of economic diversification and sustainable development.
• Develop Frameworks and standards to measure progress in the implementation of electronic projects consistent with the highest international standards.
• Encourage brilliant and innovative ideas in the digital field.

The award has thirteen (13) categories:
Best eServices (G2G)
Best eServices (G2E)
Best eServices (G2B)
Best eServices (G2C)
Best eServices (Mobile eServices)
Best eProject (interoperable)
Best eProject (collaborative)
Best eReadiness
Government Criteria – Best eContent
Large Organization - Best Public Mobile eService Award
Private Criteria - Best Public eService Award
SME's - Best Public Mobile eServices
SME's - Best ICT eSolution